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New York SBS Totems

Ref: 3B 006.10

Trueform was awarded the Walk NYC wayfinding project which included 170 double sided Digital SBS Totems for the New York City Department of Transport (DoT) over a 3 year period. All works will be carried out at our New York offices.

Working alongside our digital display company, Ferrograph have designed and delivered 170 double sided LED display. The Digital SBS Totems provide travellers with up to the minute, real-time passenger information (RTPI) at bus stops around the city.

The totems are designed to operate through the heat of the New York summer and sub-zero temperatures of the New York winter.

Ferrograph developed the software to connect up the Digital SBS Totems to New York DoT’s own RTPI system over their NYCWIN wireless network and notify bus customers how many minutes or stops away their next bus is from their bus stop.

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