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  • TfGM Victoria Platform Shelter Canopy

Design & Engineering

Trueform’s in-house design engineers provide leading edge solutions to meet modern transportation requirements.

Design proposals are detailed to meet the demands of busy global cities.  They are functional, comfortable, safe, modular and ecological.  They don’t merely merge with surrounding architectural aesthetics, they improve and enhance the surrounding areas.

Our design engineers ensure that shelter designs are ‘future proofed’, and offer the maximum flexibility and opportunity for future growth/upgrade.

Services include:-

  • Design feasibility studies
  • Concept Design & Photorealistic Renderings
  • Latest computerised modelling and design visualisation
  • Animations and walk through
  • Product Engineering
  • Structural engineering & compliance
  • Foundation and groundwork’s design
  • CAD Manufacturing Drawings
  • Value engineering and whole life cost studies

Services / Design & Engineering