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New York Totems

Ref: 3B 006.9

Trueform have extended our wayfinding portfolio to New York City with the contract award for the Fabrication and Installation of Wayfinding Infrastructure in Lower Manhattan, Borough of Manhattan and New York City.

The ‘pilot scheme’ for fabrication and installation of 160 Wayfinding Products was delivered in two stages.

Initially, prototypes were manufactured by Trueform and approved by Penta City Group.

Prior to manufacture Trueform were responsible for producing structurally checked and stamped, fully detailed 3D CAD manufacturing drawings.

Following this, the signs were rolled out using a four step production process

1) Foundation installation

2) Signage graphic artwork

3) Sign Manufacture, Sign Assy, Sophisticated Graphics Production

4) Sign erection.

As leaders in the provision of wayfinding infrastructure systems, Trueform carried out this work from our new service centre in Long Island, New York, to provide the required local presence and operating facilities. The depot is fully equipped for this contract on a 24/7 basis.

Following successful supply and installation of the wayfindign signs, NYC DOT issued an addendum addition to the contract to manufacture and supply 50 Digital SBS Totems.

Trueform are successfully been awarded the next phase of wayfinding and will be working direct with NYC Department for Transportation

All manufacturing / production and assembly was fully compliant with ‘Buy America’.


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